About Soy Wax Candles

A Short History Lesson In Soy Wax

Soy Wax Candles are THE NATURAL alternative to paraffin candles. Soy wax is derived from the oil of soy beans and is a renewable source, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Inventor Michael Richards created Soybean Wax, commonly referred to as “Soy Wax”, in 1993. He was looking for a cheaper alternative to “Beeswax”. Soy wax is produced with hydrogenated soybean oil. Being a very versatile product, soybean is found in many household products today, including crayons and other non-toxic products.

As Soy is a completely renewable source, we no longer have to rely on the oil industry to supply candle makers with the paraffin they used to require to make candles, and with global reserves of oil shrinking and paraffin prices increasing this makes for a healthy choice both environmentally and personally to make the switch to Natural Soy Wax Candles. Whilst doing so, you will also be supporting the Farming Trade rather than the Oil Trade and that has to be a good thing.

Soy Candles will burn cleanly and slowly and will truly delight your senses. You’ll wonder why you didn’t make the change to Soy Candles sooner.

  • Soy Wax candles burn up to 50% longer than paraffin candles and DO NOT use any type of petroleum
  • They are biodegradable, wash up easily with warm water and soap
  • They produce up to 90% less soot than paraffin candles
  • Scented Soy Candles distribute much more fragrance, they burn cooler with a bigger melt pool and it is from this pool that the fragrance evaporates into the atmosphere, giving a lovely aroma where ever you may burn them

With such a wide variety of fragrance, colours and containers you can have a different candle for every occasion. They make wonderful last minute gifts, and you can mix ‘n’ match your own fragrances to make up a beautiful gift pack for that special present. If you just want to pamper yourself with some beautiful aromas to help clear your mind and wash away the day, or whatever reason you want to burn candles, do it the natural way with Soy.

If you love our huge range of quality candle jars but don’t want any fragrance or any color you can still enjoy the wonderful atmosphere that a jar candle creates without the fragrance. For an unscented candle in your favorite jar all you have to do is, choose the candle jar you would like and then scroll down to the “Unscented” link on the scents page and you will find a section for “Unscented Candles”, go in here and choose the size you would like and “Voila” a beautiful unscented natural soy candle in your choice of jar will be on it’s way to you.



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