About Linen and Room Mist

Beautiful fragrances for your beautiful home.

The key to obtaining a pleasant smelling home all through the day is to layer your home with different product, as you layer scents on your body using body lotions, deodorants and finishing off with your favorite perfume, it works the same way in your home. First you start with the natural beauty of your favorite scented soy candle, then you combine that with a reed diffuser in an elegant bottle that also helps to decorate your home and then you finish off with my brand new Linen & Room Mist.

Linen & Room Mist is much more effective than you ordinary room deodorizer, first you have a much larger range of scents to choose from, and second they last for ages. This is a multi-purpose spray, you can spray it on your bed, towels, linen, linen closet, couch, soft furnishings and car, anywhere you want to add some fragrance.

The good thing about the Linen & Room Mist is you don’t need a lot, 1 to 2 sprays, depending on the size of the room, and you have instantly filled your home with a fresh, clean scent, it’s that easy. Try one today, in any fragrance you like, you won’t be disappointed!



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