About Aroma Crystals

Flameless Aroma

New to our range at Scented Naturally is “Aroma Crystals”. These are perfect as room deodorizers, especially when you don’t want a naked flame. These lovely jars are filled with an environmentally neutral product that is 100% biodegradable and you can fragrance it with any scent you choose. Just pop the lid off and the fragrance will permeate the surrounding area.

The other neat thing about these gems is once they have shrunk and no longer hold their crystal forms just empty them in your garden or pot plants and they will aid in holding moisture around your plants, what a wonderful double use of the product.

Scroll through the fragrances available and choose your favourite, or perhaps be daring and try a new one, maybe even one for each room. Another way to layer the fragrances throughout your home, Aroma Crystals make a great addition to the Candles, Reed Diffusers and Linen Mists that are also available.



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